friendly pestering

by slackjaw

supported by
patrick kelly
patrick kelly thumbnail
patrick kelly SO GOOD PLEASE NEVER STOP CREATING !!!! <3 Favorite track: room's not clean.
Tom Kohn
Tom Kohn thumbnail
Tom Kohn really really beautiful songs w/ that ol' geneseo charm. Mute City is the house that Slackjaw built Favorite track: green.
Jake Puleo
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Jake Puleo Simple and catchy. Humming along after one listen. And songs about malls. Favorite track: palisades mall.
Emily thumbnail
Emily crying and dancing at the same time. and that palisades mall solo. Favorite track: room's not clean.
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slackjaw is -
ella mosco on vox
jon campbell on bass
nathan kahn on drums
jacob kotler on guitar

all songs written by slackjaw and recorded, mixed, and mastered over a few days in spring 2k15 by eli ben-yaacov at the nest in brooklyn.


released April 3, 2015

slackjaw owes 100 percent to soft cough and the boys at mute city (ben dan tom matt nich mal weith and our own jon mcalpine)- without their encouragement, criticism, practice space, and forgiveness for our volume issues (and use of their guitar strings, cans of seltzer and snare drums...), slackjaw would not be here today.

extra shouts out to eli ben-yaacov for his thoughtful feedback and recording talents. eli, you did a lot with a little.

thanks a ton to all of our friends who have supported and listened to our music- sam barker for driving jacob around in the cold, connor, zeno and the rest of comfy, britina, the coop at 14 avon, emily, calvin fr the use of his cymbals that was great, and everyone else whos come to a show !!!!



all rights reserved


slackjaw Geneseo, New York

slackjaw only parties on the weekend and only likes writing in lowercase.

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Track Name: room's not clean
i haven't been sleeping lately
stay up late too much caffeine
my hands are all too shaky
my head's a mess my room's not clean

i get too drunk and fall down
i like it when my knees are bruised
i wish you were around
but the way you act makes me confused

you forgot to tie yr shoelace
here i'll bend down, let me help you
i looked up, saw yr face
you looked away, what can i do

the rain was falling heavy
you close yr eyes, i fake a smile
yr gaze is dark and steady
i'll stick around just for a while

and i like you,
but i think you like her
and i wish you knew,
i wish you remembered
and i told you,
but it was in my dream
and you liked me too,
i don't know what it means
Track Name: sonny
i see you
after school
picking flowers
it seems cool
where's yr vase ?
here's some water,
wash yr face

hey sonny,
i saw you too
help me pick
which bugs are for you
there's some moss
can you toss it ?
let's get lost

there are no words,
there are no words,
there are no words to say
there are no words, etc etc

there is a place
we'll find back home
that's full of spiderwebs
and hollow skies
the daisies remind us
it's too late

there are no words,
there are no words,
there are no words to say
there are no words, etc etc
Track Name: green
i'm a restless kid
with restless needs
and a deep disdain
for endless grief
but the greens from yr iris
circle my feet
and the touch on my shoulder
is concrete

and you won't notice now,
you just talk slowly

you won't notice now
what you said that day
clear some bramble
before yr dead
we'll be green as a meadow
next to some street
our bodies will be hard,
soft concrete

and you won't notice now,
you just talk slowly

let's go now,
let's go now,
etc etc
Track Name: palisades mall
my mom drops me off
take a breath and slam the door
meet all my friends
we've all been here before
go shop around,
maybe see a movie
there's the boy from my math class,
he's so dreamy

at the mall
the palisades mall

head to the food court
and ride the ferris wheel
there's some gum on the seats,
i don't know how to feel
maybe go to jeepers,
or dave & busters
there's so many options
i'm feeling flustered

at the mall
the palisades mall

spent my allowance
but i can get some things for free,
bourbon chicken free samples
there's no place i'd rather be
all of the girls
look exactly the same
they don't notice me.
they don't even know my name

urban sprawl
at the mall
the palisades mall
Track Name: blue house
blue house,
i try so hard to pretend
but josh knows
i don't want to be here
let's smoke

shuffling around inside
trying to find a face i recognize
but i don't,
so i'll just smoke cigarettes alone

im shifting in my seat,
but yr caught in my teeth,
and i'm stuck in my chair,
and sarah fell down the stairs

small talk,
i forgot how to make
we brought pot,
but they smoked most of it
fuck them

i dont know how to communicate
so i'll stand and watch and wait
but this foggy nightmare has helped clear the air
from my lungs

im shifting in my seat,
but yr caught in my teeth,
and i'm stuck in my chair,
and sarah fell down the stairs

so i guess i'll just wait,
it's so easy to relate
when yr not thinking about
what yr saying